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Concrete Repair Specialists, LLC. uses the FlexSeal® Crack Repair System to repair cracks.

FlexSeal® is our preferred crack repair product because it creates a strong adhesive bond with concrete. In addition, it also creates a waterproof seal and remains flexible allowing it to expand and contract with the movement of concrete. 


The FlexSeal® Crack Repair System has been in use since 2002 without product failures.  It's a proven, time-tested method for repairing cracks with long-lasting results. FlexSeal®, as its name implies, is flexible and builds a waterproof filler for interior and exterior concrete surfaces suitable for residential, commercial, industrial and high-rise buildings.  It cures to an elastic, seamless homogenous layer which is positively bonded on the substrate to permanently seal cracks and crevices while withstanding everyday stress and movement of the concrete.  The product is formulated with an elastic polymer providing for excellent flexibility and resistance to harsh environmental elements found in a variety of climates.  FlexSeal® contains NO bitumens, asbestos or asphalts which deteriorate over time.  The product is paintable and we disguise the repairs with our finishing and texturing techniques.  


Our specialty is pool decks and lanais as well as repairing cracks in driveways, patios, sidewalks, exterior walls, slabs, docks, sea wall caps, garage floors – any concrete, stucco or brick surface.  Cracks up to 1" wide have been repaired withFlexSeal® and the product has a temperature service range of  -30°F to 170°F.


  • The only method of repairing cracks with “GUARANTEED” lasting results

  • A fast and inexpensive repair method

  • Stops cracks from getting worse and causing serious problems and expensive repairs later

  • Greatly improves property/area appearance and value.

  • Stops potential delaminating (lifting) of surface decorative finishes

  • When painting, it's easier to keep area clean and reduce mold build-up

  • Stops vegetation growth and insects in cracks

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